Message from the chairman...

Alhmadulillah... by the greatest blessing of the Most Gracious Al-Mighty Allah, Who selected me for the noble cause. Although I express thanks to Allah, but I have nothing to quench my thirst for expressing gratitude to Him at all. I owe my services for orphans (especially parentless girls) to the outcome of sending “Drud Shrif” upon the Holy Prophet (s.a.w).

Spirit of Al-Munir Welfare Trust...
“Verily the most honoured of you in before Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you.” (Al-Quran-49 Bakra)
Allah orders his best men to be honest, truthful, kind to parents, poor and benevolent and to desist from all kind of deception. Similarly, Allah orders them to be good in their behaviour towards everything, even towards animals and birds. Don’t torture them in any way.
Under the above cited spirit and devotion, the AMWT has been established for down trodden and orphan girls of the area, who have been deprived from means of living with dignity. They will be provided academic, computer and Islamic education. More > >
Grant us an opportunity to serve the creature making our life journey successful
Please Encourage Your Family and Friends to Participate in a Noble Cuase
Charity Registration Number: 1116533