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Prophetic Decision About Miserliness...

Such people are successful, who have been protected from the lust of self.” (Taghaban :16, Al-Quran)
How stern is the state of affairs for the people, who don’t pay a single penny to the beggar. No doubt, Allah grants them a lot of wealth. They store it in their treasures. They consider the beggar just like the arrival of fire. This is one of the great sins, which is highly disliked by Allah. You can be the resident of any part of the world. If Allah has given you wealth then fulfill the wishes and requests of all beggars. Beggars are actually sent by Allah to test every body. So avail the opportunity and win Allah’s pleasure.
Oh readers! This institution is the product of struggle, hard work, dedication and sacrifices. It is prayed in the court of Allah to kindly accept shares of all Muslims (Alive & died) in this noble task and forgive them all. Amin.

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