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Prophetic Decision About Miserliness...

He said,I had a lot of money, but I considered a needy person just like the fire. It will enter in my body as he calls me for charity. The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) said,Get aside so that I may not be burnt in the fire. I swear upon Allah, who guides me to the right path. You can say your pray with weeping for one hundreds years in between two sacred places i.e. ’ and ‘Ibrahim’s place’ in Makkah. Tears shedding from eyes can make stream and tree can grow upon it followed by your death. Despite all this, hell will be your destiny. It’s a sorry state of affairs for you. Miserliness is infidelity and ultimate destination of infidel is hell. There should be annihilation for you, if you didn’t know the order of Allah,
And a person is miser, he has been miser for himself” (Mohammad: 38, Al-Quran) More > >

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