Future Planning...

Efforts are in progress to buy the land for another building of trust, so that a complex could be built for the orphans and the helpless girls with at facility for at least 600 boarding students. The trust will establish a registered school within the area so that the girls would not go to the outer school.,

A complete Islamic education course (Alma Fazla Course) will be provided to the students (Boys & Girls) affiliated with Dar-ul-uloom Mohammadia Ghosia Bhera Sharif district Sargodha

A free dispensary would be established so that beside the trust girls the poor and helpless peoples be benefited from it.

An ambulance and medical aids, Services will be provided to the general public of the area.

We provide free residence and food to orphans and helpless girls.
Please Encourage Your Family and Friends to Participate in a Noble Cuase
Charity Registration Number: 1116533