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Orphans and helpless girls seek their education in registered and recognized schools with the full support of AWT.


AWT has been serving to the orphans and poor needy girls for the last three years. Now there are seventy girls. They are acquiring knowledge from a local private high school financed by AWT. They are imparted religious education under best arrangements and availability of highly qualified staff inside the trust building. Besides, a sketch of other beneficiaries is given below:

S. No. Gender Distinction Nature of Education Institution
1 60 Girls Free food and stay
English Medium Schooling
Hifz, Nazra & Translation of Quran,
Fatima Public School Havelian 
2 33Girls 10 Girls stay Alma Fazil Course Jamia Fatma tu Zohra lil Banat
3+4 16 Boys + 16 Boys   Alm Fazil Course + Hifz Quran Jamia Abu Bakar Salhad.

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We provide free Medical facilities to orphans and helpless girls and expenditure is met by AMW Trust
Please Encourage Your Family and Friends to Participate in a Noble Cuase
Charity Registration Number: 1116533
Reported by BBC Arabic Service (September 2003)
“Muslim girls struggle for education”